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Welcome to Smart Realty Network, where our aim is to smartly and efficiently provide our services to the real estate market, catering to the needs of buyers and sellers. In theory, SRN is a real estate brokerage firm, focused on the real estate markets of New York, Miami, and Panama. But additionally so, we are a Smart Realty Network, using Premium domain names to brand geographical areas.

Smart Realty

Smart Realty is the base and center of our aim with this platform. With everything in the world going efficient, we look to effectively make real estate markets smart too. This means easy resources for sellers and buyers both, which then leads to a strong link of communication between buyers and sellers as well. Smart Realty of SRN reflects our purpose for you and we look to help every client in our target markets.

The Network

Our domain name portfolio consists of hundreds of .com domains, mostly listed with specific city name homes and specific city real estate. (E.g. MelvilleHomes.com, KewGardensRealEstate.com, GreenwichVillage.com, etc.) We are proud to be one of the largest pure geo domain owners and we direct them solely for real estate purposes, because real estate is what we do and excel at.

Our network which allows us to engage in unique and effective marketing campaigns are constantly growing in success, with steady traffic through to our brands. This makes it easier for you to sell a property through Smart Realty Network and equally easy for buyers to find and purchase properties. Our Network accomplishes our main aim of smartly helping the real estate markets in NY, Miami, and Punta Pacifica Panama, and we endeavor to improve and advance it every day.

The People behind SRN

Smart Realty Network is the endeavor and pride of a team that holds more than 40 years of combined experience in both, real estate and online marketing. Our experience with both the fields allows us to provide to you the work and services of SRN. We are people that focus on experienced work yet keep in mind the value of updated knowledge and research. We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers, and we look to be as efficient and “smart” as possible. Our unique marketing campaigns and valuable service stem from our experience and passion for this work and we will always maintain them to the highest standards.

We have many resources and tools for you to make use of to be truly helpful in the real estate market. You can do property searches, area specified searches, list and sell your property, or use our smart network. Whatever your needs, buyers and sellers both are assisted well here at SRN.

Want to know more about Smart Realty Network and its value to you? Got any questions? Call us today! We’d love to assist you.

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